Subject: Age

You're never too old to become younger.

(1893 – 1980) actress, playwright, screenwriter & sex symbol

I feel I can talk with more authority, especially when I say, ‘I don’t know.’

(1921 – 2004) English actor & author

We've had bad luck with our kids… they've all grown up.

(1890 – 1957) author & journalist

I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones.

(1854 – 1900) Irish dramatist, novelist & poet

Boys are beyond the range of anybody's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years.

(1894 – 1961) author, cartoonist & humorist

To find out a girl’s faults, praise her to her girl friends.

(1706 – 1790) American statesman, author, scientist & inventor

By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he's too old to go anywhere.

(1948 – ) comedian, actor, writer, producer & film director

He’s so old his social security number is two digits.

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.

(1900 – 1993) American actress

A young man is a theory, an old man is a fact.

(1853 – 1937) journalist, writer & editor

The four stages of a man are infancy, childhood, adolescence and obsolescence.

(1912 – 2010) Canadian-born American radio & television personality & humorist

The comfort of turning 49 is the realization that you are now too old to die young.

Age: The time when everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work.

If you eat one apple a day for 80 years, you won't die young.

(1919 – ) American sportswriter

As I understand President Bush's Medicare plan, it provides for unlimited coverage for anyone over 72 whose parents can pass the physical.

(1932 – ) American political satirist & comedian

I have never known a person to live to be one hundred and be remarkable for anything else.

(1818 – 1885) humorist

The secret of eternal youth is arrested development.

(1884 – 1980) author & wit

How young can you die of old age?

(1955 – ) comedian, actor & writer

She is so old… she's in God's year book.

[Adulthood feels like] walking around in the desert with a bag over your head, being bumped into by people who rob you as they bore you.

(1971 – ) Irish comedian, actor & writer

Larry King is so old, he's actually one of the Jews that killed Christ.

(1978 – ) American writer & stand-up comedian

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