Subject: Age

Life not only begins at forty – it begins to show.

I’m at the stage of life when if a girl says no to me, I’m profoundly grateful to her.

(1935 – ) movie actor, director & comedian

Old age is like everything else; to make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.

(1899 – 1987) American dancer, choreographer, singer, musician & actor

You want to look younger… rent smaller children.

(1917 – 2012) comedian & actress

The young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.

(1854 – 1900) Irish dramatist, novelist & poet

You know you’ve reached middle age when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor, instead of by the police.

(1935 – 2014) American comedian, television personality, writer & director

Regarding my family, I’m the youngest of three; my parents are both older.

Canadian stand-up comedian, actor & writer

People with money live so damn long.

Tommy John is so old, he uses Absorbine Senior.

(1952 – ) American sportscaster

Zeal: A certain nervous disorder afflicting the young and inexperienced.

(1842 – 1914) author & satirist

The trouble with young writers is that they are all in their sixties.

(1874 – 1965) English dramatist & novelist

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Only thing that’s worse than walking in on your parents making love is walking in on your grandparents making love.

(1969 – ) comedian & actor

Puberty: The awkward age when a child is too old to say something cute and too young to say something sensible.

A young man is a theory, an old man is a fact.

(1853 – 1937) journalist, writer & editor

Old age is always fifteen years older than I am.

A very short one.

(1875 – 1997) French, 120 year old woman

Whatever happened to the good old days when kids was scared to death of their parents?

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

There are three ages of man: youth, middle age and “Gee, you look good.”

(1913 – 1997) American comedian & radio & television host

I have never known a person to live to be one hundred and be remarkable for anything else.

(1818 – 1885) humorist
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