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Adolescents: People who never seem to realize that one day they will be as dumb as their parents.

If you want to recapture your youth, just cut off his allowance.

(1919 – 2006) American comedian & actor

Youth: A good substitute for experience.

They told me my services were no longer desired because they wanted to put in a youth program as an advance way of keeping the club going; I'll never make the mistake of being seventy again.

(1890 – 1975) American baseball manager

Your modern teenager is not about to listen to advice from an old person, defined as a person who remembers when there was no Velcro.

Youth: That brief period, as distinguished from childhood or middle age, when the sexes talk to each other at a party.

It was tough growing up in Florida because all my friends were retired.

(1959 – ) American comedian, comedy writer, actor & author

When I was a boy, I thought myself a man; now that I am a man, I find myself a boy.

(1773 – 11829) English genius & polymath

Even the youngest of us may be wrong sometimes.

(1856 – 1950) Irish playwright & socialist

When I was young, poverty was so common that we didn't know it had a name.

(1908 – 1973) 36th U.S. president

Old age is like everything else; to make a success of it, you've got to start young.

(1858 – 1919) 26th U.S. president

Being young is not having any money; being young is not minding not having any money

(1928 – ) British journalist, writer & columnist

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become president… now I'm beginning to believe it.

(1857 – 1938) American lawyer

The young have aspirations that never come to pass, the old have remembrances of what never happened.

(1870 – 1916) British writer

What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about the butcher and my wife.

(1921 – 2004) stand-up comedian & actor

A three-year-old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.

(1915 – 1977) columnist, writer & actor

Younger Generation: A group that is alike in many disrespects.

Money can’t buy friends, but it can get you a better class of enemy.

(1918 – 2002) Irish comedian, writer, musician, poet & playwright

The four stages of a man are infancy, childhood, adolescence and obsolescence.

(1912 – 2010) Canadian-born American radio & television personality & humorist

My secret to staying young… having no sense of time.

(1955 – ) comedian, actor & writer

If youth but had the knowledge and old age the strength.

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