Subject: Entertainment » Acting

Acting is pretending, and the most difficult part is pretending you’re eating regularly.

She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.

(1893 – 1967) writer, humorist & poet

They say an actor is only as good as his parts; well, my parts have done me pretty well, darling.

(1937 – ) English actress

Actress Claudette Colbert: I knew these lines backwards last night.

Coward: And that’s just the way you’re saying them this morning.

(1899 – 1973) English playwright, actor, composer, director & songwriter

Kind of like the difference between making love and masturbation, I’d say.

(1946 – ) American actress & activist

All through the five acts of that Shakespearean tragedy he played the King as though under momentary apprehension that someone else was about to play the Ace.

(1850 – 1895) American writer

Television opened up a whole new field of unemployment for him.

(1899 – 1973) English playwright, actor, composer, director & songwriter

Agent: Someone who believes an actor takes 85 percent of his money.

You spend all your time trying to do what they put people in asylums for.

(1937 – ) American actress, writer, political activist, & fitness exponent

Ladies, just a little more virginity, if you don't mind.

(1852 – 1917) English actor & theater manager

Alison Skipworth: You forget I’ve been an actress for forty years.

West: Don’t worry dear, I’ll keep your secret.

(1893 – 1980) actress, playwright, screenwriter & sex symbol

If she was cast as Lady Godiva the horse would steal the show.

He played the king as if afraid someone else would play the ace.

(1900 – 1969) American drama critic & author

The worst of failure of this kind is that it spoils the market for more competent performers.

(1877 – 1947) British diarist & critic

Orlando Bloom was so wooden he could have played the horse.

Irish film critic

Acting: Standing up naked and turning around very slowly.

(1907 – 1976) American actress

Talk low, talk slow, and don't say much.

(1907 – 1979) American film actor, director & producer

A great actress, from the waist down.

(1848 – 1935) English actress

I was never so scared in my life… and I was in the war!

(1908 – 2005) English actor

The last time I acted my name was so low on the program that I was getting orders for the printing.

(1926 – 2012) Irish comedian & actor

He had delusions of adequacy.

(1913 – 1996) writer & Broadway theater critic