Subject: Exaggerations


Humorous overstated descriptions of things or conditions taken to ridiculous extremes.

He is so poor… he can't even pay attention.

She is so fat… she broke the family tree.

She is so old… she was the waitress at the last supper.

He is so ugly… the psychiatrist makes him lie face down.

It was so cold… the politicians had their hands in their own pockets.

He is so stupid… it takes him 2 hours to watch 60 minutes.

She’s so ugly… when she entered an ugly contest the judges said, "No professionals."

She is so fat… her favorite meal is seconds.

He is so short… he poses for trophies.

It is so hot… I saw a squirrel fanning his nuts.

It is so dry… I caught a catfish that had ticks on him.

He is so stupid… it takes him an hour to cook Minute Rice.

She is so slow… she has to speed up to stop.

It is so hot… today I saw a funeral procession pull into a Dairy Queen.

She is so ugly… when she gets up, the sun goes down.

The mosquitoes in Louisiana are so big, they can stand flat foot and screw a chicken!

It was so cold… politicians stopped blowing hot air.

His head is so big… he has to step into his shirts.

He's so fat… when he goes to a restaurant, she doesn't get a menu, she gets an estimate.

He is so fat… his blood type is Ragu.

It is so hot… I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

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