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To succeed in politics, it is often necessary to rise above your principles.

Having committed political suicide, the Conservative Party is now living to regret it.

(1944 – ) British politician, chancellor of Oxford & governor of Hong Kong

What does an actor know about politics?

(1911 – 2004) 40th U.S. president & actor

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

(1850 – 1894) Scottish novelist, poet, essayist & travel writer

The worst part about politics is that you're always right and no one ever knows it."

Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

(1928 – ) humorist, singer, songwriter & satirist

Men enter politics solely as a result of being unhappily married.

(1909 – 1993) British naval historian & author

Peace: In international affairs, a period of cheating between two periods of fighting.

(1842 – 1914) author & satirist

I'm often asked why I travel around the country talking politics: Is it for humanitarian reasons, community spirit, or is it for the money, the limousines or the girls? … The answers are: no, no, yes yes yes!

(1927 – 1997) Am. comedian & satirist notable for mock presidential campaign

Seb Coe is a Yorkshireman; so he's a complete bastard and will do well in politics.

British Olympic decathlon champion

There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets.

(1882 – 1947) American mayor of New York City

Alliance: In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other’s pockets that hey cannot separately plunder a third.

A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money.

(1934 – 2014) African-American writer

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.

(1870-1943) German-American politician, socialist & writer

Anybody that wants the presidency so much that he’ll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.

(1929 – ) journalist, author & television pundit

[Politics] consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.

(1908 – 2006) Canadian-American economist

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

(1911 – 2004) 40th U.S. president & actor

I've arranged with my executor to be buried in Chicago, because when I die, I want to still remain active politically.

(1927 – ) Canadian-born American comedian & actor

The art of politics consists in knowing precisely when it is necessary to hit an opponent slightly below the belt.

(1876 – 1967) German statesman

Latins for Republicans… it’s like roaches for Raid.

(1964 – ) Colombian-American actor, producer, playwright & screenwriter

One lesson you better learn if you want to be in politics is that you never go out on a golf course and beat the President.

(1908 – 1973) 36th U.S. president
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