Subject: Headlines


Actual headlines as they have appeared in newspapers or other printed publications – though occasionally as subtitles from film or television.

Mars Can Grow Asparagus

Bible Church's Focus is the Bible

Josh Bard Suffers Minor Injuries In Fatal Car Crash

Hairdresser "On Another Planet"

Man Shoots Neighbor With Machete

Council Not Liable Over Fatally Locked Widows

Trout Being Tempted By Extra-Terrestrials

German Army Is Told To Let Women Fight

City May Impose Mandatory Time For Prostitution

Bacteria May Make Bullet Proof Vests

Winner Dies in Russian 'Vodka Marathon,' Five Runners-up Hospitalized

Antibacterial Ingredient in Shampoo May Prevent HIV

Deaf College Opens Doors to Hearing

Tarmac Close To Merger With Aggregate

Memorial Pool Now a Crumbled Mess

London 4800 Nurses Short

Sex Up and Down after September 11

Killer Plants Stalk Queen Mum

Sex Education Delayed, Teachers Request Training

Oasis Album Could Be Record

Sewage Kills Fish, But Water Safe to Drink

The Animal Rescue Site