Subject: Misspokements


Amusing, unintended verbal gaffes, grammatical errors or misuse of words, phrases, pronunciation or vocabulary – often uttered by sports personalities – most notably ‘Yogi’ Berra.

Sure there have been injuries and deaths in boxing – but none of them serious.

English professional boxer

The hookeries and massageries – the whole world is turning into a regular Sodom and Glaucamorra.

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

Then I was skinnier, I hit it better, I putted better, and I could see better… other than that, everything is the same.

professional golfer

It ain’t enough that he’s a Pinko and an atheist; you gonna turn him from a man to a morphadite?

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

Historically, the host nations do well in Euro 2000.

English football player & analyst

We have completed all the items: from A to B.

(1938 – 2010) Russian politician

Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.

professional basketball player

Go and shake a tower.

(1844 – 1930) English dean at Oxford whose name is given to the accidental transposition of sounds of two or more words

American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.

(1969 – ) U.S. Representative (Delaware)

Once the Earth goes, the planet is going to be next!

(1971 – ) American actress

If crime went down 100%, it would still be fifty times higher than it should be.

American politician

The final score after eight innings is Giants 3, Padres 2.

(1924 – 2014) American baseball player & announcer

Why doncha get some chinkypuncture?

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

It’s got lots of installation.

professional baseball player

Maude: That man had charisma!

Archie: I don't care if he was sick!

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

He never relinquishes my disbelief.

professional football player

If my dead father was alive to hear that, it would kill him.

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

I’m going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes.

And he’s got the icepack on his groin there, so it’s possibly not the old shoulder injury.

English rugby player & commentator

You never ask why you’ve been fired because if you do, they’re liable to tell you.

(1924 – 2014) American baseball player & announcer

We have only one person to blame, and that’s each other.

professional hockey player
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