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The covers of this book are too far apart.

(1842 – 1914) author & satirist

Gone With the Wind is going to be the biggest flop in Hollywood history; I'm just glad it’ll be Clark Gable who's falling flat on his face and not Gary Cooper.

(1901 – 1961) film actor

It's probable that if a meteor landed right in the middle of Los Angeles, nobody would even notice. I say this because apparently nobody noticed that the first Anaconda sucked.

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You can't watch it without being convinced that the Americans are doomed… Springer assembles the white trash, not to mention the black trash, the Hispanic trash, and every other category of bozo in these United States, and sets them loose to abuse one another for our entertainment.

(1961 – ) Irish journalist, writer & playwright

You leave eager to tell your friends about the unprecedented awfulness you’ve witnessed.

English movie reviewer

My name is Bob, and I am a father who is very afraid.

movie writer, reviewer & columnist

This book of essays… has all the depth and glitter of a worn dime.

(1893 – 1967) writer, humorist & poet

This book fills a much-needed gap.

(1900 – 1986) American teacher & translator

The best thing about Chill Factor is that it’s over fast.

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House of Wax is cheap, dirty entertainment, and it knows it.

writer, editor & film reviewer

It is hard to resist a flatterer who gets it right.

American writer

This is the same old, tired crap that Woody Allen has been exporting for who knows how many years now. It's like drinking milk with an expiration date from the Reagan era.

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Watching HBO’s surfing drama John from Cincinnati is like sitting through a bad play at a tiny experimental theater.

American reporter & television critic

It was the visual equivalent of Pringles: unfortunately, we couldn't stop watching it, albeit through our fingers. Painful.

Irish writer & reviewer

As I watched Pacific Rim I could literally feel myself shedding IQ points the way Kate Hudson sheds a big lunch in the bathroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

American film critic

Planes is an abomination wrapped inside a bullshit party. That’s really all I want to write about this endless crap festival of a film…

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George Moore wrote excellent English until he discovered grammar.

(1854 – 1900) Irish dramatist, novelist & poet

God help us, there’s going to be a director’s cut, isn’t there?

writer, editor & film reviewer

You’ll have more fun setting fire to yourself in the parking lot. You’ll be more entertained getting hit by a bus.

writer, editor & film reviewer

As awful as you've heard and as bad as you've imagined.

It’s an underestimation of the intelligence of your average eight year old to believe his or her rapt attention can be held for long by a film like this.

film critic
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