Subject: Sports » Auto racing

Speaking from memory, I don't know how many points Nelson Piquet has.

(1923 – ) English motorsport commentator

At 180 mph, when your front wheel wants to play pogo stick, you don't do nothing. You don't sneeze, you don't hiccup, you don't even breathe. All you do is point it and hang on.

American motorcycle racer

And as Mansell comes into the pits, he’s quite literally sweating his eyeballs out.

The drivers have one foot on the brake, one on the clutch, and one on the throttle.

auto racing commentator

It sure didn't make me the million dollars people said it would, but it sure made my ex-wife happy.

American auto racer

Well I don't know which one has more money but I'll tell you what… either one could burn a wet mule with hundred dollar bills.

American auto racer

If I was earning £1 a race, I'd still be a racing driver – just a poor one.

British auto racer

It will be like lying in a bath with your feet on the taps, but not as comfortable.

Scottish auto racer

I'm going to have minor brain surgery.

American auto racer

Calling upon my years of experience, I froze at the controls.

(1929 – ) English race car driver

I had to go off the circuit twice to avoid him. I don't know what Rene Arnoux is doing in Formula One racing. He should be on the beach.

Belgian auto racer

I imagine the conditions in those cars today are totally unimaginable.

(1923 – ) English motorsport commentator

Nelson Piquet looks like a jockey being strapped into his car. Alan Jones looks like a commando on his way to Vietnam.

British auto racer & executive

Jean Alesi is 4th and 5th.

(1923 – ) English motorsport commentator

Cale Yarborough would have to call a service station to get a tire changed, but he's as good as anyone who ever drove a race car.

American auto racer

This is lap 54; after that, it’s 55, 56, 57, 58.

(1923 – ) English motorsport commentator

You win some, you lose some, you wreck some.

American auto racer

Motor racing's less of a sport these days than a commercial break doing 150 mph.


Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.

Italian motor racing driver & entrepreneur

You get more than one of them things and you call them Loti.

American auto racer

There's enough Ferraris here to eat a plate of spaghetti.

Scottish auto racer