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We used to pray the White Sox and the Cubs would merge so Chicago would have only one bad team.

American comedian

I knew when my career was over; in 1965 my baseball card came out with no picture.

(1935 – ) American baseball player, sportscaster, comedian & actor

When you're in a slump, it's almost as if you look out at the field and it's one big glove.

professional baseball player

The Rangers dropped out of the lead June 16 with a loss that will be forever remembered as the forgettable debut of lefthander Matt Perisho.

sports reporter

Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended.

(1856 – 1950) Irish playwright & socialist

Baseball is a lot like life. The line drives are caught, the squibbles go for base hits. It's an unfair game.

American baseball player

The Mets just had their first .500 or better April since July of 1992.

(1922 – 2014) American baseball player & announcer

Problem with [John] Wockenfuss getting on base is that it takes three doubles to score him.

(1934 – 2010) American baseball manager

I told [GM] Roland Hemond to go out and get me a big name pitcher; he said, ‘Dave Wehrmeister’s got 11 letters… is that a big enough name for you?

White Sox owner

If it comes down to taking care of my mother in her old age and taking care of my center fielder in his young age, I hope she understands.

Owner of the Seattle Mariners

Spring training should last one day. We'd have the team golf outing and head north.

professional baseball player

Lefty Grove could throw a lamb chop past a wolf.

(1886 – 1969) American journalist & humorist

A fellow has to have faith in God above and Rollie Fingers in the bullpen.

(1922 – ) American baseball player & manager

The Padres, after winning the first game of the doubleheader, are ahead here in the top of the fifth and hoping for a split.

(1924 – 2014) American baseball player & announcer

He can run anytime he wants; I’m giving him the red light.

(1925 – 2015) baseball player, coach & manager

You don't have to be a Harvard professor to manage baseball; in fact, I think you're better off having an IQ like mine.

(1934 – 2010) American baseball manager

He could hit better with a broken arm than we could with two good arms.

(1924 – 2014) American baseball player & announcer

Listen, ump… how can you sleep with the lights on?

American baseball player

I led the league in “Go get ‘em next time.”

(1935 – ) American baseball player, sportscaster, comedian & actor

When they operated, I told them to put in a Koufax fastball. They did, but it was Mrs. Koufax's.

professional baseball pitcher

I believe in rules… sure I do; if there weren’t any rules, how could you break them?

(1906 – 1991) American baseball player, coach & manager
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