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I came from a dirt farm, now I'm filthy rich.

American boxing champion

Only if it's held in a phone booth.

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

They told me Jack Bodell was awkward and he was… he fell awkwardly.

American boxer

George 'Babe' Ruth and Old Jack Dempsey, both Sultans of Swat.
One hits where the other people are, the other where they're not.

Scottish snooker player

I'll bet the hardest thing about prize fighting is picking up your teeth with a boxing glove on.

(1868 – 1930) cartoonist, humorist & journalist

Butch Lewis is making no attempt to get out of the corner… and is hanging his chin out like a lantern in a storm.

English boxing journalist & commentator

Don King dresses like a pimp and speechifies like a store-front preacher.

boxing writer

He went to the hospital with bleeding kidneys, and me… I went dancing with my wife.

Canadian boxing champion

Boxing is just show business with blood.

English boxer

I'm the best heavyweight in Canada and I'll still be the best when I'm dead seven years.

Canadian boxing champion

Now it comes to a simple equation – who can stand the heat.

British sports commentator

He's gonna need an industrial-strength toothpick to pick the leather out of his teeth. I'm gonna hit this man so hard he's gonna grow an Afro.

Canadian boxer

He's not only a lousy fighter, he's a bad actor. Louis or Marciano could have whipped him by telephone.

American boxer

My head looks like ET gone wrong.

English boxer

Why waltz 10 rounds with an opponent if you can KO him in one?

American boxing champion

Everything Tyson's got has 'goodnight' written on it.

American boxing referee

This fight will be the nastiest thing you'll ever see; I've been sober for six weeks, and that makes me vicious.

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

In his prime, Joe Bugner had the physique of a Greek statue, but he had fewer moves.

(1934 – ) Scottish sports writer

Since I've retired, I eat less, weigh less, train less and care less.

American boxing champion

After Buster Douglas knocked out Tyson – He's just like Humpty Dumpty. They're not going to be able to put Tyson back together again.

When you the man who beat the man who was the man… well, then you ‘The Man.’

American boxing champion

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