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When I got up I stuck to my plan… stumbling forward and getting hit in the face.

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

I figured I'd find him sooner or later but I never did. I asked myself, "Where did he go?" I knew he was there because he kept hitting me.

British boxing champion

Boxing is show-business with blood.

(1853 – 1931) American theatrical producer, impresario, director & playwright

Earnie Shavers hit me, man, and knocked me face down on the canvas. I was in the land of make believe. I heard saxophones, trombones. I saw little blue rats, and they were all smoking cigars and drinking whisky.

American boxer

Contrary to the old wives' tale that bloody-minded trainers put around, a little love-in before the main event can do you more good than a rub-down with The Sporting Life.

English boxer

He’s a guy who gets up at six o’clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.

(1922 – ) boxing trainer & manager

Can I bite him?

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

My DNA is cheeseburgers.

(1949 – ) American boxing champion

Mike's like a Gershwin or Beethoven. You go for the quality of the performance, not the longevity of it.

(1931 – ) American boxing promoter

My head looks like ET gone wrong.

English boxer

By the way Frank Bruno went on about beating Bugner, you'd have thought he had won the Booker prize, not just taken time to out-jab an old man bullocking around pretty harmlessly in the pension queue.

(1944 – ) British sportswriter

This fight will be the nastiest thing you'll ever see; I've been sober for six weeks, and that makes me vicious.

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

All I do is hit somebody in the mouth; it's a whole lot easier than working for a living.

(1950 – ) American boxer & actor

When Mike Tyson gets mad, you don't need a referee, you need a priest.

(1919 – 1998) American sportswriter

Joe Bugner: Get me Jesus Christ and I'll fight him tomorrow!
Mcllvanney: Joe, you're only saying that because you know he's got bad hands.

(1934 – ) Scottish sports writer

I've only ever seen Errol Christie fight once before and that was the best I've ever seen him fight.

British boxer

I love boxing. Where else do two grown men prance around in satin underwear, fighting over a belt? … the one who wins gets a purse… they do it in gloves. It's the accessory connection I love.

American comedian

Rocky Marciano didn't know enough boxing to know what a feint was. He never tried to out-guess you. He just kept trying to knock your brains out.

American boxing champion

So many of [English sporting promoter] Barry Hearn's boxers end up in the hospital; he should sell his limousine and buy an ambulance.

British boxer

Many mens have fell and stumbled when they meet big George in that square jungle.

Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion

The champion, Jess Willard, had about as much chance in this fight as a dish-faced chimpanzee in a beauty contest.

(1886 – 1969) American journalist & humorist

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