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Yes, the guy can score you 40 goals… what I don't want is him causing 60.

Canadian hockey player & broadcaster

Half the game is mental; the other half is being mental. 

Canadian hockey player & sports reporter

 A good fighting club will beat a club that has superstars on it every time.

Canadian hockey coach & general manager

A goal, an assist and a fight.

American ice hockey player

He should know better than that. He knows I only drink scotch.

Canadian professional hockey goalie

I've always felt we weren't physical enough on the back line. Now there's a no-parking sign in front of our net.

hockey general manager

He's as old as some trees.

Canadian hockey player & coach

There are rough players and there are dirty players. I'm rough and dirty.

Slovak-born Canadian hockey player

The weak teams are Boston and New York; the strong ones are Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, and Gordie Howe.

professional hockey player

Playing goal is like being shot at.

professional hockey goalie

Aww, don't worry Doc, if that happens, I can always come back as a forward!

Canadian hockey player

Now we've got men 6'1' who look small. Now a guy like Marty (McSorley) doesn't even standout on the ice, except for his beautiful blonde hair.

If you take your eye off Gretzky, he'll bank it off your skate, your back, your helmet or your wife. I could hang a nickel in the net and he'd hit it every time.

Canadian hockey player

For the Leafs, there are two kinds of games: those they lose because of the officiating and those they win despite the officiating.

Ottawa Mayor

They say you're not a coach in the league till you've been fired. I must be getting pretty good.

Canadian hockey player & coach

I'd trade Larry Murphy for a shaved monkey who could skate and a bucket of pucks.

I'd spend six months behind bars to have him on my team.

Canadian hockey player & broadcaster

I usually call the new guy and let him know where I like to sit on the bus, tell him ways he can stay out of my way, make sure he knows not to touch any of my stuff.

(1969 – ) Canadian ice hockey player & executive

Winning is always fun, but the car is more important.

Finnish hockey player

There are certain things about my game I don't want to change, but I think it's about time that I realized I can't fight every battle. Three hundred minutes in penalties is way too many. Way too many.

Canadian hockey player

If everything were going good for him, he'd be having success.

American hockey coach
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