Subject: Tom Swifties

Tom Swifties:

A Tom Swifty is a phrase in which a quoted sentence is linked by a pun to the manner in which it is attributed. The name comes from the Tom Swift series of books.

“Will you quit rustling around in my closet!” said Leif.

“My giant sea creature died,” Tom wailed blubberingly.

“I’m very popular with women”, said Don wanly.

“I have lost all my Hungarian sheet music,” said Tom listlessly.

“No, I won’t give you a note saying you’re excused,” said Tom unwaveringly.

“I feel so empty,” said Tom vacuously.

“The sun is rising,” Tom mourned.

“I can talk faster than you,” Tom expressed.

“It’s not fair!” said Tom darkly.

“I have writer’s block,” said Tom contritely.

“I’m just an ordinary soldier,” Tom admitted privately.

“Who left the toilet seat down?” Tom asked peevishly.

“Nay!” said Tom hoarsely.

“I won’t play for this team any longer,” Tom decided.

“Where’s my pants?” asked Tom briefly.

“The doctor had to remove my left ventricle,” said Tom half-heartedly.

 “Your Honor, you’re crazy!” said Tom judgmentally.

“I’m wearing a ribbon round my arm,” said Tom with abandon.

“I punched him in the stomach three times,” said Tom triumphantly.

“Sorry about that butt call,” he said cheekily.

“Another plate of seafood for me!” Tom clamored.

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