Keyword: Criticism

The amount of flak received on any subject is inversely proportional to the subject’s true value.

Those big-shot writers could never dig the fact that there are more salted peanuts consumed than caviar.

(1918 – 2006) American writer

If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.

(1907 – 2003) American actress of film, stage & television

English painter & sculptor Frederic Leighton to James McNeill Whistler: My dear Whistler, you leave your pictures in such a sketchy, unfinished state. Why don't you ever finish them?

Whistler’s reply: My dear Leighton, why do you ever begin yours?

(1834 – 1903) American-born, British-based artist

Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.

(1956 – ) comedian, television host, social critic & political commentator

A great many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping rabbits.

(1887 – 1964) English biographer, critic, novelist & poet

I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, “I wanna grow up and be a critic.”

(1940 – 2005) comedian & movie actor

A critic is a bunch of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste.

(1926 – 2007) American jazz critic & book reviewer

About as modest as Mussolini.

(1941 – ) American singer & songwriter

A drama critic is a man who leaves no turn unstoned.

(1856 – 1950) Irish playwright & socialist

I can take any amount of criticism so long as it is unqualified praise.

(1899 – 1973) English playwright, actor, composer, director & songwriter

America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.

(1854 – 1900) Irish dramatist, novelist & poet

I gave up on new poetry myself thirty years ago, when most of it began to read like coded messages passing between lonely aliens on a hostile world.

(1925 – ) columnist & journalist

Ed, you're the second best umpire in the league… the other twenty-three are tied for first.

American baseball player

Never mind, dear, we're all made the same, though some more than others.

(1899 – 1973) English playwright, actor, composer, director & songwriter

If you attack the establishment long enough and hard enough, they will make you a member of it.

(1925 – 2007) humorist & columnist

The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small.

(1935 – ) movie actor, director & comedian

He is at his wit's end – it is true that he had not far to go.

(1788 – 1824) English poet

I didn't know her well, but after watching her in action I didn't want to know her well.

(1905 – 1977) American actress

I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.

(1709 – 1784) English author, essayist, critic, editor & lexicographer

The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

(1908 – 1989) American actress of film, television & theater