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We always go to bed with the chickens.

Between you me and the gatepost…

She could eat watermelon through a chicken wire fence.

He’s three sheets in the wind.

Don’t insult the alligator till you’ve crossed the stream.

Don't sneeze behind a skittish horse.

She has a four-pocket backend.

I feel fatter than a possum stuck in a fence hole.

Better an empty house than an unwelcomed guest.

I don’t pay him no nevermind.

Didn’t lick it off a stone

He’s dumber than owl shit.

He ran like his feet were on fire and his ass was catchin'.

Well I’ll be John Brown.

I hope she lives to a 150 and looks it.

Who put a bee in her bonnet?

Chugged full.

Talk the legs off a dead mule – or – talk the hind leg off a donkey

In a coon's age.

like trying to herd cats

Crooked as a cork screw.

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