Here’s the deal. What we’re trying to do here is to simply list and categorize short humorous lines. It is meant as entertainment, not an academic reference.  We do the best we can, but don’t pretend to be experts and can’t unequivocally attest to their accuracy. Basically, don’t take this all too seriously… we don’t. (This is the fine print – use anything at your own peril.)

We’ll be the first to admit that not all of the content here is hilarious or uproariously funny. Often a line may be included because it was said or written in an clever, wry, or witty manner. Lines include, but are not limited to quips, quotations, jokes, “laws,” (Murphy’s and others) observations, adages, epigrams, epitaphs and misspokements, which is a “word” we use to describe “Bushisms,” malaprops or verbal gaffes.

The term “one-liner” is also somewhat subject. Although, exceptions are occasionally made, listings tend to be brief. Once again, the inclusion of a line based on length is purely intuitive on our part. Let’s face it, the content of this entire site is purely subjective. In a nutshell, if an item is the least bit amusing, and is in essence no longer than a line, we’ll include it… possibly.

We’ve tried to categorize each line with a number of possible key words, to facilitate search. Lines appear on the home page and under subject and author in random order.

Occasionally, we find lines attributed to more than one person, in which case, we just do the best we can in determining proper attribution. If the issue is still up in the air, we’ll just cop out by citing “Unknown” or “Anonymous.”