Subject: Epitaphs


Humorous, wry or ironic inscriptions from tombs or graves (or a brief statement commemorating or epitomizing) the memory of a deceased person.

Within this grave do lie. Back to back my wife and I. When the last trump the air shall fill, if she gets up I’ll just lie still.

Jonathan Grober died dead sober. Lord thy wonders never cease.

One Errant Female Has Fun – The Ornament of Her Generation – Beautiful. Witty. Brilliant. Talented. Elegant. Charming. Frugal and Modest. – Erected By Herself

Here lies one Wood enclosed in wood. One Wood within another. The outer wood Is very good: we cannot praise the other.

Here lieth Richard Dent in his last tenement.

This spot is the sweetest I've seen in my life, For it raises many flowers and covers my wife.

Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake. Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.

I am not grieved, my dearest life. Sleep on, I've got another wife. Therefore, I cannot come to thee For I must go and live with she.

Under this yew tree, buried would he be, because his father – he planted this yew tree.

This debt I owe is justly due, and I am come to sleep with you.

Poems and Epitaphs are but stuff – Here lies Zed Blacksword – that’s enough

Here lies – Johnny Yeast – Pardon me – For not rising.

Good Susan Blake in royal state – Arrived at last at Heaven's gate."But Peter met her with a club – And knocked her back to Beelzebub."

Paul Lennis Swank – Here under the dung of cows and sheep, lies an old highclimber fast asleep. His trees all topped and his lines all hung. They say the old rascal died full of rum.

Here lies Kelly, we buried him today. He lived the life of Riley, when Riley was away!

Here lies the body of Detlof Swenson, waiter. God finally caught his eye.

My trip is ended: send my samples home

GELOW – Francis & Yvonne – On Vacation – Hold mail – Lived

He never won immortal fame, nor conquered earthly ills, but men weep for him all the same, he always paid his bills.

Toothless Nell (Alice Chambers) Killed 1876 in a Dance Hall brawl. Her last words: "Circumstances led me to this end."

… Going! Going!! Gone!!!

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