Keyword: Tennis

Give Chris a finger like I did and she’ll take the whole hand.

German professional tennis player

The Gullikson twins here; an interesting pair… both from Wisconsin.

Tennis commentator

I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went to the bathroom and got his tub.

Doubles: Tennis game played by athletic couples who wish to burn a few calories while arguing.

These ball boys are marvellous; you don’t even notice them; there’s a left-handed one over there that I noticed earlier.

Tennis commentator

My potential speaks for itself.

professional tennis player

He’s got the balls and when he’s holding them he controls the tempo.

American professional tennis player

Tennis: a racquet sport in which two players compete to see who has the shortest temper, the worst memory, the poorest eyesight, and the slowest watch.

They should send Borg away to another planet. We play tennis. He plays something else.

Romanian professional tennis player

I don’t know that my behavior has improved all that much with age; they just found someone worse.

American professional tennis player

He offers more shots than a bar tending octopus or an allergist.

American journalist & tennis broadcaster

He doesn’t cook well.

American professional tennis player

My uncle always described an unforced error as his first marriage.

American journalist & tennis broadcaster

All gong and no dinner… we just wish Anna would finally win something aside from hearts.

It’s difficult to play against a man… I mean Martina. She scares you with those big muscles.

Czech professional tennis player

The only thing I've noticed is that when I come into the locker room, they all bow.

(1956 – ) Czech American tennis player

I’m trying to kick your ass… in a nice way.

American professional tennis player

Federer Excited By His Own Form, Eager to Reclaim Top Spot

Grass is for cows.

Czech tennis player

His left wrist is so strong that he’d knock his own teeth out if he didn’t brush them right-handed.

American journalist & tennis broadcaster

Every day two million Americans play tennis and one million of them lose.

American tennis player, instructor & broadcaster
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