Subject: Confucius say

Confucius say:

Jokes using puns and often risqué double-meanings 'fictitiously attributed' to Confucius, a famous Chinese philosopher (around 500 BC.) His name is used only to lend credence to the sayings of a “wise man.”

Confucius say… 400 pound lady, who likes both men and women, is a bisexual built for two.

Confucius say… since a lawyer joined the nudist colony, he hasn't had a suit.

Confucius say… two wrongs not make right, three lefts do.

Confucius say… who wants to kill a circus troupe, should go for the juggler.

Confucius say… who try doggie style sex, won't want to face his wife again.

Confucius say… difference between pink and purple, is your grip.

Confucius say… definition of a true genius is a nudist with a memory for faces.

Confucius say… epileptic lettuce farmer makes "seizure salad."

Confucius say… man who tell one too many lightbulb joke soon burn out.

Confucius say… man who farts in church sits in own pew.

Confucius say… relationship is the opportunity to do something you hate with someone you love.

Confucius say… never tell a secret to a pig… it may squeal.

Confucius say… woman who make love in treehouse put ass out on limb.

Confucius say… men are like cement… after getting laid, they take a long time to get hard.

Confucius say… even a turtle only makes progress when it sticks its neck out.

Confucius say… best defense against rape, is to beat off attacker.

Confucius say… very first doctor of dermatology, had to start from scratch.

Confucius say… getting up on wrong side of bed lead to down fall.

Confucius say… marriages are made in heaven… so are thunder & lightning.

Confucius say… forbidden fruits make many jams.