Subject: Headlines


Actual headlines as they have appeared in newspapers or other printed publications – though occasionally as subtitles from film or television.

Board Head Suspended

Men Get A Lesson On Kerb Crawling

Cow Thefts Blamed on Low-Carb Craze

Boots Fined For Selling Underage Girl Dracula

Suit Says Hospital Mistook Constipation For Cancer

Tight End Returns After Colon Surgery

X Marks the Spot as Dog Finds Buried Owner

Sperm Donor Reforms ‘Long Time Coming‘

Spaniard Hits Girlfriend at Anti-Violence Rally

Girl, 14, Saved By Dog's Eyes

Man Tells Police His Crack Dealer Ran Over Him

Florida Illegal Aliens Cut in Half By New Law

Lost Scissors Found In Woman

Waves Of Chaos Wash Over Road

Students Cook and Serve Grandparents

Braves Roll With Cox Out

Peruvian Head Takes Mystery Trip

Bacteria Go Bald And Lose Their Grip

Chou Remains Cremated

Chicken With Artificial Legs Dies A Hero

Heat Wave Linked to Temperatures

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