Subject: Headlines


Actual headlines as they have appeared in newspapers or other printed publications – though occasionally as subtitles from film or television.

Police Probe 'Suspicious' Body in Cemetery

William Kelly Was Fed Secretary

Monsters Take To The Streets

Murderer Says Detective Ruined His Reputation

Bodies Needed To Look After Graveyard

Armageddon Ahead, Please Fasten Your Bible Belt

The Mad Hatter Saves Alice From Knifeman

Discoveries: Older Blacks Have Edge in Longevity

Police Recover Stolen Hamster, Arrest 3

Local Man Has Longest Horns in Texas

State Will Poison Rivers So It Can Count Dead Fish

Scientists Hoping To Grow Their Own Livers

Man Admits Stuffing Shrimp Into Pants

20-Year Friendship Ends at Altar

Salesman Says He Left 4 Large Rings in Malden Bathtub

Playwright Tell Touching Story of Child Abuse

Condon's Pledge To Murder Witnesses

Night School to Hear Pest Talk

Slayings Put End To Marriage

English Solicitors Hope To Inspire Ugandan Ethics

Gunman Shot By 999 Cops

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