Author: Translation

Baltic Bitch Hotel

Have You Eat? – Eat For the Butter Growth – We Have Food * Solft Drinks Here

Morning Scorn Set

Phuc Long

Fresh Herpes 95¢

Don’t be greedy! It make you unhappiness.

NOKIA – connocting poopie

Strawberry crap

Absolutely No Hoes of any Kind Allowed on the Practice Area

Guests should announce abandonment of their rooms before 12 o'clock, emptying the room at the latest until 14 o'clock for the use of the room before 5 at the arrival after the 16 o'clock at the departure will be billed as one more night.

English well speaking


Boiled Frogfish

Look after and keepnig properties of implement in the room is: Mettress, Towel, Planket, Mirrow and Pilow, etc.

Foam sword bean coarse cereals wraps up flesh

Mole Restroom

Damn, I'll burn you into a BBQ chicken!

Jack Off Lanterne

Weed bread…

J. Quick & Hard. Co.

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