Keyword: Crying

She was always crying; in fact, she wept so much she made everybody's corns ache.

(1886 – 1969) American journalist & humorist

Beware of men who cry; it's true that men who cry are sensitive to and in touch with feelings, but the only feelings they tend to be sensitive to and in touch with are their own.

(1941 – 2012) American novelist, producer, screenwriter & director

Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.

Carl Sandburg (1878 – 1967) biographer & poet

Crying is the refuge of plain women, but the ruin of pretty ones.

(1854 – 1900) Irish dramatist, novelist & poet

There’s no crying in baseball!

(1956 – ) movie actor

Stand-Up [comedy] is a lot like sex; there's a lot of crying involved and I get paid to do it.

(1982 – ) American actress & comedian

Joan always cries a lot; her tear ducts must be close to her bladder.

(1908 – 1989) American actress of film, television & theater

The difference between bagpipes and an onion is that nobody cries when you chop up a bagpipe.

Most people make babies out to be very complicated, but the truth is they have only three moods:
1.Just about to cry 2. Crying 3. Just finished crying.

(1947 – ) American columnist & humorist
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