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What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?

(1929 – ) American writer

Just imagine what he’ll be like when senility kicks in… if it hasn’t already.

English former football player & manager

I ain’t in a happy frame of mood.

television character, All In the Family (Carroll O’Connor)

His mind is so open – so open that ideas simply pass through it.

(1846 – 1924) British idealist philosopher

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

(1948 – ) English rock vocalist & songwriter

Some people hear voices; some see invisible people; others have no imagination whatsoever.

Right now I feel that I’ve got my feet on the ground as far as my head is concerned.

professional baseball player

I don’t know why my brain has kept all the words to the Gilligan’s Island theme song and has deleted everything about triangles.

(1958 – ) stand-up comedian & television personality

Accident: A condition in which presence of mind is good, but absence of body is better.

Pain: An uncomfortable frame of mind that may have a physical basis in something that is being done to the body, or may be purely mental, caused by the good fortune of another.

(1842 – 1914) author & satirist

What a waste it is to lose one's mind; or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.

(1947 – ) U.S. vice president & politician

I am in the prime of senility.

(1706 – 1790) American statesman, author, scientist & inventor

You have only two hemispheres in your brain – a left and a right side. The left side controls the right side of your body and the right controls the left half. It's a fact. Therefore, left-handers are the only people in their right minds.

American baseball pitcher

What a terrible thing to have lost one’s mind… or not to have a mind at all; how true that is.

(1947 – ) U.S. vice president & politician

Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun.

(1935 – ) movie actor, director & comedian

The German mind has a talent for making no mistakes but the very greatest.

(1904 – 1999) author, editor, radio host

The Cardinal is at his wit’s end; it is true… that he had not far to go.

(1788 – 1824) English poet

If most people said what’s on their minds, they’d be speechless.

fictional mascot and cover boy of Mad, an American humor magazine

I told her the thing I loved most about her was her mind… because that's what told her to get into bed with me naked.

(1955 – ) comedian, actor & writer

His mind is so open that the wind whistles through it.

(1918 – 2001) American sportswriter, commentator & actor

Marge, every time I learn something new it pushes something old out of my brain. Remember that time I learned how to make wine and forgot how to drive?

cartoon character in The Simpsons (Dan Castellaneta)

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