Subject: Miscellaneous

I bet one legend that keeps recurring throughout history, in every culture, is the story of Popeye.

(1949 – ) comedy writer & humorist

Y'all stay the night. We don’t have extra beds, but I’m sure we can find a nail to hang you on.

The land that had nourished him and had borne him fruit now turned against him and called him a fruit. Man, I hate land like that.

(1949 – ) comedy writer & humorist

I don't think God put me on this planet to judge others. I think he put me on this planet to gather specimens and take them back to my home planet.

(1949 – ) comedy writer & humorist

You don’t know shit from apple butter!

Don't get your knickers in a knot.

It's coming up a cloud.

The Alcohall Of Fame

Don’t judge someone until they have tossed your salad.

(1954 – ) American actor & singer

I could stand flat footed and piss over a dump truck.

I’ll snatch you bald headed.

To beat the band

Had to tie a pork chop around his neck so the dog would play with him.

That youngin is as wild as a June bug on a string.

Sip 'N See

Our humility is what makes us great.

(1937 – 2014) American co-host of radio show “Car Talk”

He’d argue with a wall as long as it’d stand there and take it.

Well when you go through a briar patch you don’t know which briar scratched you.

I’d shake his hand, but I think that’s what’s holding up his pants.

(1961 – ) American comedian, actor & talk show host

She could talk the leg off a horse.

Sweatin’ like a $2 whore in church

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