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Looks like he’s been chewin’ tobacco and spittin’ in the wind.

Happiness walks on busy feet.

… took a long dip in the ugly pond

You're diggin’ your own grave.

As full of wind as a corn-eating horse

He has to sneak up on water fountain to get a drink.

He was so slick he could steal the sweet from sugar without touching a grain

She’s so ugly her feet wouldn’t go to bed with her!

It's hotter than the four sides of Hell.

We better git on the stick!

Is a pig's ass pork?

Like they do in Alabama

He's as mad as a wet hen.

Turn of the sun

Couldn't hit a barn if you were on the inside.

I was born on a Friday, but not last Friday.

Like a peach-orchard bull

I've seen animals hurt worse than that get well.

Do it up brown

You can’t measure a snake till ti’t stretched out dead.

Sunday face

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